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David Sides
9 months ago

Hi there,

My name is David and I'm reaching out from PropelPLM. I came across your page with helpful information about robotics at and was wondering if you were open to adding other resources to it.

In our industry the lack of manufacturing skills has created a skills gap and it's a serious issue going forward. One thing that is important is finding top talent to join the manufacturing force and breaking down the stigma that surrounds this world. We used some of our expertise and put together a manufacturing skills guide and included some insight on how we could solve this issue. I think it would be helpful for students interested in robotics that want to learn about a career in manufacturing. Check it out:

Manufacturing Skills Guide -

Also, for those who are new to the industry we made a definitions guide on the most important terms in manufacturing:

95 Manufacturing Definitions -

I think your readers would find it helpful. We put a lot of work into both of these and would love to have your input. Also, if you think either are a great resource for your readers, would you consider sharing a link to our article on your page? 

Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions.

Thank you,


ching chong
10 months ago

ching chong